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COVID-19 Update - August 7, 2020

Clearly this is a difficult time for all of us who love to travel and especially, for those of us working in the travel industry. The complexity and uncertainty of the issues posed by this situation are unprecedented, and unfortunately, make it impossible to make definitive statements or promises about anything. That said, I want all of you to know that I am working diligently to access the various situations around the world so that I can make the best possible decisions regarding future tours.

As of today, all of the tours on my website are still scheduled as planned. However this will all depend upon the situations in the various countries as the departure date gets closer. Any final decisions on whether or not a tour will be cancelled will be made no less than 6 weeks prior to its departure date.

Some of you have expressed concern about the purchase of airline tickets for upcoming tours that you have registered for. At this point that isn’t something I would worry about. Airlines have drastically reduced schedules and there are plenty of available seats on most flights, so if in fact future tours depart as scheduled, getting airline tickets later than you normally would shouldn’t be an issue.

As we all know, even after the national lockdowns are over, it looks like things are not going to return to a normal state of operations for a lengthy period of time. One of the potential issues that could arise for international travelers is the possibility of countries requiring 14-day quarantine periods for international visitors upon their arrival. I expect that this will happen in many countries and if it does, it will make operating a tour very difficult as most participants are not going to add 14 days of quarantine to the front end of their trip. Perhaps this won’t be the case, but I think it is a strong possibility and if it comes to fruition will affect all of our departures. Again, I will monitor all of this on a case by case basis and will let you know about your scheduled tour at least 6 weeks in advance.

I also want all of you to know that if I have to cancel a tour that you have booked and paid for, I will make every effort to give you a full refund or credit what you have paid to a future tour. Please understand that in a few cases I have had to pay non-refundable fees to booking agencies that I cannot recoup and I cannot refund those portions of monies paid. However I promise that I will make every effort to get back as much as possible in these situations.

I appreciate all of the support and encouragement that many of you have given me during these difficult times and I hope we can travel together again sooner rather than later. Take care.

Jan Hansen—on behalf of Otus asio Tours

Welcome to Otus asio Tours

group birding in San Blas Mexico

I founded Otus asio Tours in 1999 to fulfill my dream of organizing and leading birding tours to various places throughout the world.

My goal is to provide well-organized tours to premier birding destinations. Though primarily focused on birds, the tours also allow ample time for visiting cultural and historical sites and for enjoying other wildlife such as mammals, reptiles and butterflies. As someone with an adventurous culinary sense, I also enjoy sampling the local cuisine of whatever area we are visiting.

My tours have attracted some of the nicest people I have ever met and traveling with them has been one of the great joys of my life. I hope that you will decide to join their number. I look forward to seeing you in the field!

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